JPRiZM unveils official music video for “Analog Dreams”

JPRiZM unveiled the official music video for his dreamy, neon-tinged, and irresistible Synthwave single Analog Dreams.
JPRiZM unveiled the official music video for his dreamy, neon-tinged, and irresistible Synthwave single Analog Dreams.

Producers new and old to EDM music have flocked to the Native Instruments company’s libraries of virtual instruments for over twenty-five years since their inception in search of the right sounds for their music. One of the stalwarts amongst Native Instruments’ hundreds of virtual instrument collections has been their Analog Dreams library which is often included in introductory packages for users. The Analog Dreams library in Native Instruments’ own words offers “analog sounds from vintage synths of the ’70s, ’80s, and beyond”. Because of its versatility in capturing the sounds from those periods, Native Instruments’ Analog Dreams has been one of the most popular virtual instrument libraries for Synthwave music. Many Synthwave producers have set out to create the ultimate Analog Dreams track including JPRiZM, the multi-genre artist, songwriter, and producer. JPRiZM has gone as far as naming his contribution after the virtual instrument library and the track was released back in November and has now been accompanied by a fresh new music video. JPRiZM – Analog Dreams (Official Music Video) will take you on a nostalgic trip through the ’80s for your ears and eyes to experience.

The music for JPRiZM – Analog Dreams is built upon a foundation of a retro raspy synth bass eighth-note pattern that is present throughout the track’s entirety. The drums are programmed also using Native Instruments’ signature Kontakt Player for virtual instruments along with the Ultrabeat drum library provided with the Logic Pro digital audio workstation giving the drums the classic sound of Jan Hammer and his Miami Vice soundtrack. A collection of synth bells and leads alternate throughout Analog Dreams in providing the melodies for this Synthwave journey. Accompanying the melodies on top of the drums and bass include warm pulsing synth pads and moving synth arpeggios providing the listener with the full Synthwave audio experience.

The concept for the official music video for JPRiZM – Analog Dreams was conceived by JPRiZM and the video content creator OBD. The video blends modern, classic, and the future together as it portrays a present-day VR gamer playing a game where they test drive a futuristic vehicle on a track through a nighttime cityscape while accompanied by retro-sounding Synthwave music. What more could a Synthwave music die-hard ask for than this blend of the classic-sounding synth soundtrack with the visuals of driving a vehicle through a neon-colored and pink and purple highlighted city scene? As bold of a move as it was to name the song after the Analog Dreams concept provided from the library of virtual instruments by Native Instruments that has allowed thousands of producers to create these time-traveling soundscapes, JPRiZM should be awarded for that boldness in creating a fantastic representation of the Synthwave world both sonic and visually.

Stream JPRiZM – Analog Dreams (Official Music Video) on YouTube below!

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