SATIN JACKETS releases long-awaited Album + INTERVIEW

Get to know Satin Jackets Interview - EKM
Get to know Satin Jackets Interview - EKM

Right on time for the launch of his fantastic new album “Solar Nights” (that you can stream at the bottom of the article) and for his hit single “Northern Nights” to reach 10 million plays on Spotify, we had the chance to catch up with the outstanding Indie Dance / Nu Disco music producer from Germany Satin Jackets. We asked him a few questions about his career, his inspirations, his thoughts on the Indie Dance / Nu Disco scene and much more. Check out our interview with Satin Jackets below and also peep his new album under the article. Enjoy!

 1 – After producing House music for many years, how did your journey into the world of Disco start for you? 

I felt House music started to become too limiting for me. I like chords, melodies, and full vocals. So when I came across the emerging Nu Disco scene, it felt like a revelation.

2- Who is your biggest inspiration/influence? 

There is no one single entity that I could put my finger on. I was hugely influenced by 80s music obviously, but when the 90s hit with Nirvana, Lenny Kravitz, and Red Hot Chili Peppers, I let my hair grow long and embraced that as well.

3 – What do you personally consider to be the incisive moments in your artistic career? 

As Satin Jackets it was “You Make Me Feel Good” and all the funny calls I had afterward. Then, getting involved with Eskimo which resulted in the release of the debut album. Follow that with “Northern Lights” and developing new friendships with the Norwegian management. Last but not least, “Solar Nights” is already a big milestone for me.

4 – What single night out has been the most memorable for you? As a DJ? As an attendee?

Playing at Rex club in Paris in 2001, pretty early on in my career as a DJ, before Felix Da Housecat. Apparently, Laurent Garnier was also present they said.

5 – Tell us more about your mask? Why did you decide to wear one? Who made it? What is the story behind it?

The story is simple: Let the music be the only star.

6 – What do you usually start with when preparing for a DJ set?

Literally, I start with the first track. It has to set the perfect mood and immediately get people interested in what else is to come. Then build on without a single moment that lets you out of its grip.

7 – What advice would you give to aspiring Disco producers?

Do your homework, learn your skills, don’t assume your first tracks will be the killer ones unless you really are a genius.

8 – Where do you think the Disco scene is heading? One year from now? Five years from now?

Looks like the hype has quieted down a bit but there will always be people attracted to the spirit of Disco. Some will still discover it for the first time, some will grow tired, and some will stay true. But eventually, there will be a new trend. I wonder if it will be called Nu Nu Disco. At the end of the day, music is reflecting the fashion cycle and circling back to its roots eventually.

9 – If you could eternally be stuck in one year’s music scene, which year would it be?

Probably somewhere either in the early-80s for disco or second half of the 90s for House Music.

10 – If you could collaborate on an instrumental with any artist (alive or dead), who would it be? 

Someone from ABBA. Benny or Bjørn

11 – How is the Disco scene in Germany? Compared to the rest of Europe or North America?

The Germans are initially a bit unsure as to how to treat a gig – is it a concert and they stand back and are only spectators, or is it okay for them to dance?  After a track or two, it evolves into the same party that you see anywhere else in the world.  The music always wins out in the end!

12 – What is your opinion regarding the difference between old school DJing where everything was restricted to vinyl and modern DJing where most tracks are never put on any physical medium before or after release?

I don’t think the skills of a good DJ should be reduced to his or her mixing abilities. A big difference with vinyl though is that you actually have to prepare your set and decide which records you want to take along. That makes it necessary to think about the venue, audience and what you want to play to get them going. Also, playing with actual vinyl is much more fun than CDJs or USB sticks. The haptic experience beats it all.

13 – What is one track that never gets old for you no matter how many times you hear it?

Whirlpool Productions – Disco to Disco in an endless loop. “Sing it Ladies”!

14 – Which singer would you really like to work with?Someone from ABBA. Agnetha or Frida.

A huge thank you to Tim for taking the time to do this interview with us, I hope you enjoyed getting to know SATIN JACKETS a bit more! Stream his new album below and make sure to follow him on his socials to stay up to date with his tour dates and new releases!

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