HelaSex – Trinity EP | Devastating New Dubstep on Disciple

HelaSex - Trinity EP is OUT NOW! Fresh new HelaSex music featuring HelaSex - Happy Place. This Disciple Round Table Dubstep release is BRUTAL
HelaSex - Trinity EP is OUT NOW! Fresh new HelaSex music featuring HelaSex - Happy Place. This Disciple Round Table Dubstep release is BRUTAL

Imagine falling in love during the apocalypse. That’s pretty much where we’re at here. The “HelaSex – Trinity EP” featuring “HelaSex – Happy Place” and “HelaSex – Patience” is similar to snuggling an A-bomb. Oh sure, it’s really nice at first. Emotional, deep, elegant, thought-provoking… and then suddenly someone hits the “holy $*!p!” button and the lid blows off. We always look forward to new HelaSex music at EKM, the same can be said for Disciple Round Table Dubstep releases. Still, this raises the bar even higher. The “Trinity EP” features 4 intense cuts, but two of them particularly caught our attention, “HelaSex – Happy Place” and “HelaSex – Patience”.

“HelaSex – Happy Place” opens on an emotive note. The duo’s beautiful vocals and delicate synths play nicely, before unleashing an absolute meteor shower of insanely hard-hitting bass. Such is par for the course as far as the “HelaSex – Trinity EP” goes, but “Happy Place” is really going to elevate them to the next level. There’s no way to exaggerate exactly how hard “HelaSex – Happy Place” hits on the drops. The equalization and compression are literally perfect and it absolutely howls as a result. The top synths are loaded with harshly bit-crushed saw forms. In contrast, the bottom is layered with massive sine waves, distorted formants, and nasty squares. It’s literally a maze of layered wave shapes, that normally wouldn’t make any sense, but instead, it hits ultra-heavy, dropping on the breakdowns like a ton of bricks.

“HelaSex – Patience” opens in similar fashion. It builds a nice soft and immersive intro with the angelic and captivating vocals. The melodic arrangements on this one hints oriental subtleties and develop a spellbinding cinematic atmosphere. But worry not, as you can expect from HelaSex, the violence is coming. A long build-up generates an uncontrollable hype that is perfectly matched by a devastating drop, while still maintaining the epic cinematic feel of the track. We can already foresee that “HelaSex – Patience” will become a huge festival track this summer. New HelaSex music usually smashes, but this new Disciple Round Table Dubstep release, in particular, does massive damage. Helasex is already building a strong name for themselves, with a stunning list of supporters including Modestep, BLVK JVCK, and 12th Planet

It’s hard to believe that all of the new HelaSex music from the “HelaSex – Trinity EP” rips this hard. Well, believe it. Disciple Round Table Dubstep music has a reputation for collapsing lungs, and as a result, the label is constantly attracting the hardest-hitting tracks around. “Happy Place” and the whole “Trinity EP” carries that torch superbly. Burn it down, kids. Stream the EP below, and download “Happy Place” for FREE, HERE.

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