Dmun Shares His G-House Anthem ‘Pink Lemonade’

The Houston based music producer, Dmun is on his way to carving a niche for himself in the dance music sphere with one banging release at a time. He has now dropped a stunning Rap EDM song called ‘Pink Lemonade.’ The track draws inspiration from his daughter’s love for everything pink. This new G-House music is a vivacious blend of the Bass House genre and Hip Hop stylings which makes up for a catchy and banging release. Similar to his previous tracks ‘Lost in the Sauce’ and ‘Shake,’ this song is also an energizing cut. The dope vibes of this club-friendly tune will surely prove to be an instantaneous hit among the listeners.

This new G-House music opens with plush and sinuous beats while instantly launching into the whisper-like vocals chanting the chorus. The popping atmosphere is further thrust into the power-driven zone with edgy rap sections. Dmun has structured this simmering Rap EDM song with an echoing rhythmic tension. The somber vocal sections have a punchy and gritty feel that is layered perfectly over a pulsating bassline that harnesses and builds an electrifying sonic aura.

Dmun has made sure the hard throbbing ambiance of ‘Pink Lemonade’ stays intact throughout the track. The fluctuating synths add an addictive and hypnotic element to this new G-House music release. This explosive Rap EDM song is definitely a headbanger with uptight kicks and drums. The brisk sounds layered over upbeat and throbbing elements give the track a certain sense of wickedness. The talented composer has shown a high degree of artistic prowess as he built this peak-time cut with heavy-hitting elements and flawless bars.

This G-House composition by Dmun possesses true grit as it escalates into a slow-burning, catchy tempo that will captivate the listeners and have them singalong in no time. The intricate simplicity of ‘Pink Lemonade’ tells us that this dynamic artist has many aces up his sleeves, and we cannot be more excited to witness what the future holds for him.

Stream ‘Dmun – Pink Lemonade’ on YouTube below!

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More About Dmun:

Yo! My artist name is Dmun! My last artist name was Van Drac0 before joining Ditto and rebranding myself. I now do EDM music ranging from electro house to DNB to Dance to Pop. I really love any kind of music you can play in a club. I love making people happy and lost in the music when I perform at a show. All the problems and distractions, I want people to forget about when they listen to my music.

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