VALLAC unveils new 5-track Melodic House EP “LIFE”

Drawing inspiration from the famous Tomorrowland festival, VALLAC presents his emotional, invigorating, and epic new melodic EP LIFE.
Drawing inspiration from the famous Tomorrowland festival, VALLAC presents his emotional, invigorating, and epic new melodic EP LIFE.

Italian DJ and producer VALLAC is out with a new EP of Melodic House music titled Life. This 5 track EP drops for 2024 following releases of over a dozen singles by VALLAC since his debut in 2021. While the VALLAC – Life EP has a Melodic House focus to it, his previous releases have been a mix of dance, Techno, and House music. Inspiration for this new EP was brought about by the Tomorrowland Electronic Dance Music Festival in Belgium and its extravagant stages along with all the life going on throughout it from its 400,000 attendees.

The tracks on the VALLAC- Life EP all follow a similar song structure of introduction, main groove, breakdown section, and return of main groove. The production techniques used by VALLAC throughout the entire EP allow for all sounds to have an aspect of movement to them mimicking life itself. The first track titled Butterfly opens with a booming bass loop that is powerful on its own while accompanied by a four-on-the-floor kick drum. The listener will next be delighted as they discover another added layer of deep pulsing bass is added to this lengthy intro. Once you’ve surrendered yourself to this hypnotic and now enhanced bass loop a vocal drop briefly pauses the bass loop and signals the coming drop of the full House beat. The full House groove along with the powerful bass loop is euphoric with all entities working together which includes an added synth lead motif and continued vocal drops.

The second track on the EP is titled Sun & Moon and it is built on another strong synth vamp with single-note synth lead melodies accompanied by orchestral strings. Vocal drops also enhance the main groove section of it. Sun & Moon also features an exciting breakdown section with various accelerating synths revving up and edging towards the final drop of the main groove. Following Sun & Moon on the EP, you will find an extended mix version of it as the third track. The fourth track titled Earth features a main groove section that at its peak features a harsh textured and pulsing synth melody accompanied by orchestral strings and vibrant synth arpeggios. The final track is titled Life and it includes a blend of pumping orchestral drones and swelling lead synth melodies over an invigorating House groove brought about by its use of auxiliary percussion. Again, the movement that VALLAC creates in all sounds heard on the EP and especially in the final track allows for the listener to visualize various forms of life in motion around them making this EP such a magical Deep House music experience.

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