Tom Tainted unveils the bewitching “Beauty Of The Glen”

Tom Tainted released his captivating and vibrant new Melodic House single Beauty Of The Glen via Blanco y Negro along with a Violin Edit.
Tom Tainted released his captivating and vibrant new Melodic House single Beauty Of The Glen via Blanco y Negro along with a Violin Edit.

Tom Tainted announces the release of his brand-new single via Blanco y Negro, titled ‘Beauty Of The Glen’; a captivating Melodic House track featuring driving beats, inspiring melodies, and hypnotic hooks. As the release marks another exciting moment in Tom Tainted’s musical journey, following a long list of powerful tracks dropped by the talented Producer and DJ this year alone, ‘Beauty Of The Glen’ is poised to invigorate dancefloors, mesmerizing listeners with its unique and distinct soundscape, taking them on a vibrant journey of sonic discovery.

Hailing from Heidelberg, Germany, Tom Tainted has been steadily gaining the attention of genre lovers around the globe; with numerous striking releases to his name, he has been making his mark on Electronic Music, consistently finding new ways to stand out. As founder of Red Trail Music, a record label specializing in Melodic and Progressive House, and host of his own monthly radio show ‘Red Trail Radio’, Tom Tainted keeps showing himself as a passionate and determined force on the scene. His approach to music production sees him incorporating the genres of Melodic, Progressive, and Deep House, creating hard-hitting tracks time and time again, continually earning support from top genre VIPs. With the likes of Paul van Dyk and Pretty Pink showing an interest in his music, it seems only a matter of time before Tom Tainted’s popularity soars and his reputation grows.

Opening with an uplifting arpeggiator, ‘Beauty Of The Glen’ is soon propelled into motion as a thumping beat, underlying pads, and a strong bassline join the mix. With dreamy wordless vocals, a hard-hitting chordal piano, and filtered intensifying elements detailing the breakdown, the drop packs a powerful punch; as the tension is released at the return of the catchy melodic hook, listeners are sure to be impressed as the track is once again elevated into energetic realms of sonic creativity.

This new track from Tom Tainted is a must-listen for all lovers of Electronic Music and one that is sure to stand out as a firm favorite for his followers; delivering an enthralling listening experience, ‘Beauty Of The Glen’ raises the bar and proves that Tom Tainted is a talent to keep watching. So, make sure to follow him across social media to stay up-to-date on his new releases and performances. ‘Beauty Of The Glen’ is out now via Blanco y Negro and available to stream and download across streaming platforms.

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