Parvenu impresses with the Lush Melodic Release ‘Silhouette’

Parvenu, melodic techno & house music, Lenient Tales

Based in Hong Kong, Parvenu gained worldwide attention during the early 2010s. Since then, the guys have been pretty much unstoppable, surprising the Melodic Techno & House music fans with their soulful releases. The duo is popular for their song ‘Side Step,’ which they put out on Songspire Records. It has received more than 11k plays on Soundcloud alone. In May, they dropped a special hour-long mix that featured tracks from artists like Axel Boman, Aaron, Ame, Sam Shure, and Max Cooper. Parvenu has now come out with their first tune of the year, entitled ‘Silhouette.’ Issued by Lenient Tales, it is a melodic track that will take you on a peaceful musical journey while making you forget about all of your worries. This tune will certainly get you hooked but don’t take our word for it, just listen to this amazing opus and feel yourself getting immersed in its bewitching ambiance.

Parvenu has polished their new track ‘Silhouette’ with euphoric sounds that injects tranquility in the soul of the listener. The atmosphere of the track is mysterious and intense which is what makes it such an intriguing cut. The duo exhibits their sheer talents on this Lenient Tales release that features elements of both Deep House and Melodic Techno & House music.

As ‘Silhouette’ by Parvenu proceeds, the track grips the attention of the listener with its divine melodic hooks. This song has a mesmeric vibe that will invoke the feeling of a good time. The track is Melodic Techno & House music at its best. The magic of this song lies in its flawless production where every tiny detail has its own profound aura. The song is highly rhythmic, harmonically dense, and extremely addictive, it will only leave the listener wanting for more.

Parvenu’s ‘Silhouette’ is an example of purist craftsmanship. Whether it is the attention-drawing embellishments or zestful enhancements, they all engage you in the brilliance of the song’s authenticity. Released on Lenient Tales, this track is appetizing for anyone who is a fan of melodic music. We are blown away by ‘Silhouette’ and can’t wait to see what they do next.

Download ‘Parvenu – Silhouette’ HERE and stream it on YouTube below!

You can also enjoy the song on Spotify and Apple Music.

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Parvenu are a British electronic music duo, based in Hong Kong, China.

Following their break on to the scene in early 2012, the pair renowned for their distinctive and varied DJ sets in Asia Pacific soon came to the attention of W Worldwide, winning their acclaimed global DJ search, DJ Lab 2013.

Taking their live show to venues and festivals around the globe including the International Music Summit, Ibiza in 2014, the pair have regularly featured alongside industry heavyweights such as Bicep, James Lavelle & Shadow Child.

Parvenu enlisted the talent of Sam Smith vocalist Vula Malinga, for their debut release “See Me Through”, sampling the eponymous lyric from Candi Staton’s 80’s House hit “You’ve got the Love”, bringing with it their sultry melodies against a deep house setting.

Citing Lady Gaga’s producer, DJ White Shadow, as executive producer, “See Me Through” was soon championed by the likes of electronic music stalwart DJ EZ, forming the anthemic closer to his residency sets at Amnesia, Ibiza in summer 2016.

Following a short hiatus from music, the pair have returned to the scene with a line-up of EPs featuring their signature deep house sound, releasing on Muskox Records, NYLO Records and numerous future releases slated throughout 2019.

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