One True God drops Sinister & Sexy House Anthem ‘Addicted’

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One True God is a Los Angeles based DJ and producer who is popular for his signature bass-heavy sound. During his journey, he has dropped many dope hits including, ‘Salvation,’ ‘Enter the Darkness’ and ‘Afraid of the Dark’ all of which have received hundreds of thousands of plays on both Spotify and Soundcloud. He has also been featured on episode 63 of Mau5trap Radio. One True God is now back with another killer release called, ‘Addicted.’ Issued by Night Mode, it is a haunting tune that will give you chills. It is a song that will really stand out in your Bass House playlist. 

‘Addicted’ by One True God opens with a sensual vocal over a crunchy bassline. The track grows flamboyant and dynamic with the addition of groovy synths that are layered over the vocals. On the track, he delivers his terms of endearment with a slow, churning heartfelt tune that really stands out in the Bass House music genre. The track gets its energy from the sultry vocals that will create a captivating aura around you. The track feels like a blissful journey full of fragile beauty and desire that will bring shivers to your spine. The quality of the production really shines in this track making it a bona fide underground summer anthem.

One True God explored all dimensions of Bass House music to deliver the incredibly infectious ‘Addicted’. The track is lush with plenty of bass-driven elements that aim to captivate the listener with its intoxicating vibe. The track marks a notably dominant percussion layered over fervid rhythms and beats that makes it such an fascinating cut. The track has vicious energy because of its bewitching beats. Released on Night Mode, this song certainly deserves a spot in your Bass House playlist.

One True God styles his composing abilities with modern trends which is evident in his latest release, ‘Addicted.’ It is a deep and sinister song that shows his progression and evolution as an artist. The track kicks around the nonchalant delivery that persuasively boasts the fuzzy breeze of this outstanding Night Mode release. After only one listen, we immediately added this track to our Spotify Bass House playlist.

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