Krylova unveiled the absolutely mesmerizing “Thoughtful”

Krylova unveiled the deep & emotional new Atmospheric Techno & House song Thoughtful from the 2024 EP “You’re Beautiful When You’re Not Here

If you’re on the hunt for a new Atmospheric Techno & House song, look no further than Krylova – Thoughtful, the lead track from the Danish producer’s new 2024 EP You’re Beautiful When You’re Not Here. Based in Copenhagen, Krylova (whose real name is David Nedergaard), makes music that he describes as both “ethereal and grounded”, combining elements of Ambient and Electronica to create a style that is truly his own. Thoughtful is a key example of this combination, not only standing up well as a track on its own but also setting the stage perfectly for the other three tracks on the EP.

At just under three minutes long, Krylova – Thoughtful doesn’t leave itself much time to make an impression, but still manages to do exactly that through its use of hypnotic beats, ethereal synths and multi-layered, Ambient-inspired textures. The track starts off slowly, weaving delicate piano-like melodies through sound effects reminiscent of running water. Then, a subtle but moody bassline kicks in, along with a dramatic Techno beat and some plucky synths to bring the track to a cool but effective climax. “Each meticulously crafted soundscape in Thoughtful invites the listener deeper into an emotional and resonant experience, making it a profoundly moving and engaging piece” says the artist himself, and we couldn’t agree more. His clear aptitude for blending evocative melodies with classic elements of Techno and House elevates not only Thoughtful as a standalone track, but also the entirety of the Krylova – You’re Beautiful When You’re Not Here EP.

All in all, Krylova – Thoughtful is a rich, powerful new Atmospheric Techno & House song that might very well make waves on the scene in 2024. This talented producer might only have 1000 Spotify listeners right now, but if he continues to put out releases of this quality – and if there’s any justice in the modern-day music industry – no doubt his fanbase will continue to grow and grow.

Stream Krylova – Thoughtful on Spotify below!

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