Nick Warren & Nicolas Rada Put A Lush Spin On ‘Calling You’

The ‘Calling You’ remix by Nick Warren Nicolas Rada is a mesmerizing new deep Progressive House release. A remix from the original track by the multi-instrumentalist Kennedy One, this hypnotic song has gotten a buoyant makeover from Nick Warren Nicolas Rada. The track also features Shelley Harland on the vocal sections. The sizzling combination of Nick & Nicholas has churned out some seriously tuned party tracks and this Kennedy One remix is another shining medal on their portfolio. ‘Calling You’ is a simmering tune that has smooth, fluid and yet relentless energy. This remix displays the artistic brilliance of the collaborators in every nuances and drops throughout the track.

The Kennedy One remix constantly grows and amplifies into a power-fueled sonic realm with an immersive aura that does not get subdued or falls flat for even a second. ‘Calling You’ by Nick Warren Nicolas Rada has a rhythmic precision which embeds a galvanizing effect into the song, while the sonant and dreamy vocals from Shelley Harland traps you in a euphoric zone. This deep Progressive House tune is flourished with a luminous aura, bubbling with sparkling basslines, ethereal melodies, and silvery synths, that result in an upscale and moving symphony. From the passionate, fiery beats to the effortless blend of dynamic rhythms, the talented composers have crafted a blissful musical journey for the fans. This song is another outstanding Kennedy One remix, if you haven’t already, make sure to also check out Phaeleh‘s remix of ‘Gravity’ by Kennedy One.

The collaborative artists hold a tight rein on the spirited melody to bring the sheer musicality of the track to the forefront. The song is a smooth and melodic ride, yet an intriguing affair hyped by Shelley Harland as she brings on-board a chilling symphonic lyrical quality, much like her previous release, ‘After You.’  Nick Warren Nicolas Rada saturate the tune with celestial melodies and vigorous fervor that are highlighted by audacious bass and dominating rhythms. This exquisite mix revels in a soulful and spellbinding vibe as the tune flows with a harmonically driven pulse, making it a fantastic late night kind of track. 

With this Kennedy One remix, Nick Warren Nicolas Rada have created a fine-tuned balance of emotionally resonant and effervescent elements. They have delivered a stunning deep Progressive House music track that hums with vivacious riffs and rings with overarching percussiveness. Fans of the genre who still sway to Warren’s ‘Buenos Aires’ and appreciate Rada’s unique Argentinian flair will enjoy the stylistic synthesis on this collaboration.

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More About Kennedy One:

Kennedy One creates cinematic electronic music. His debut album Metropolis offers a journey of introspection, tackling the challenges of leaving the past behind in search of something new, a path that is often taken alone. “I came up with the idea in Tokyo. Despite all of the people and sensory overload that is synonymous with the metropolis, the city itself can be quite lonely and isolating.” The hypnotic dark tones of Kennedy One’s music constantly lifts and builds with orchestral moments, progressing from emotive downtempo electronic to melodic techno.

More About Nick Warren:

You can tell when Nick Warren is on the decks. The music emanating from the DJ booth is that perfect club mix of driving percussion and soaring musicality, bursting out of the speakers, soaking everyone in melody, drenching them in sound.

To this day, Warren remains at the forefront of club culture: he packs clubs and arenas worldwide from London to Buenos Aires to Burning Man, transfixing dancefloors with his distinctively forward blend of credible progressive sounds, deeper tunes, atmospheric layers and any other grooves Warren deems appropriate for his turntable.

Having already graced the decks at every self-respecting super-club on the planet, the late Noughties saw Warren turn his hand to the business side of the music industry. Now, as the A&R of Bristol-based Hope Recordings, he spends his time seeking to hone and promote the next generation of club-smashing DJ and production talent; and, through the expansion of his label The Soundgarden into a globe-straddling international events and entertainment brand, set in stone his already firmly-established reputation as a giant of electronic, techno, and house music.

More About Nicolas Rada:

Born in Argentina. Dj / Producer. The Soundgarden – DAYS Like NIGHTS – Chapter24 – Sincopat – Manjumasi – Hoomidaas – Proton