Players Republik & Nox Release New Melodic Dubstep Opus

Nox and Players Republik Releases

Nox & Players Republik have teamed up to release their masterpiece, ‘Trial of The Hero.’ The song has a charming chord sequence of raw bouncy music, all merging to create an atmospheric, head-bopping tune. Nox & Players Republik vocalize where gaming and music meet, a journey through life’s battles and triumphs while getting a charge out of the games that they cherish playing. It’s a blend of Melodic Dubstep and Future Bass that descends into a funky synth-line that engulfs you in and doesn’t let go until the end. Their fans can expect a single percussion-soaked dubstep drop and rock style riffs. It’s one of those songs that hit you on more than one level. The track has instantly become a fan favorite and has collected thousands of plays on YouTube and Spotify.

‘Trial of the Hero’ takes impact from various parts of electro, with the chorus inscribing dubstep and future bass and it keeps up with enrapturing tunes that make sure to stall out in your mind. The song moves you, and the vocals create an ambiance. It grows into a bass line driven 4/4 beat, including string instruments, that carries the song through its barrage of electro synths and beeps.

As the track progresses, the beats soften providing the listener a brief moment of relief from the overwhelming insanity. Although it’s a relief tinged with intuition because here, we encounter the producers’ brilliance as they use fast-paced beats and smooth rhythm in a swift manner. If this track is any indication, then ‘Trial of The Hero’ is a true party banger that will leave the audience wanting more of what Nox & Players Republik have to offer. From enthusiastic music-lovers to the casual listener, this is a track that will suit all sensibilities given the foot-tapping & floor thumping beats. The song is on its way to become a part of coveted playlists in nightclubs and festival main stages around the world.

Stream ‘Trial of the Hero’ on Youtube below and grab your copy Here!

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