Fox Blanco – Son [Electropop]

Fox Blanco

The Lundbäck brothers, Tom and Robin, alongside bandmate Robin Nätterlund are collectively known as Fox Blanco. The three-piece drops their fresh new single “Son” on Sony Music Germany this week. With time spent writing and creating in the Scandinavian countryside, this “back to mother nature” approach has seemingly sparked something in the Swedish trio.

“Son” is a perfect example of this. At points melancholic and then in the next breath joyously rousing, it is primed by an insanely catchy hook and similarly infectious synth riff. Vocally, it has an almost haunting, dream-like essence to it. Set to a classic old school melody, this is undoubtedly bound to get stuck in your head after a couple of listens.

Fox Blanco has served up another strong hit for their catalogue and you should definitely check it out – listen below.

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