DJ Mixer Man – Universe Powers [EDM]

DJ Mixer Man - Universe Powers - EKM.CO
DJ Mixer Man - Universe Powers - EKM.CO

Technically, “DJ Mixer Man – Universe Powers” is an EDM song, however, it doesn’t really follow the usual standards. I believe “Indie EDM” or perhaps “Experimental EDM” would be more accurate. The track starts off with an enigmatic and extremely catchy melody, it then progresses by integrating a fluid pulsating bassline and playful Future Bass style vocal cuts, the result sounds like a trippy ride into the universe. While this is an unconventional style of EDM, the fresh ideas behind “Universe Powers” and its epic melody is a perfect example that thinking outside the box and doing things your way (instead of trying to reproduce the trendy sounds) can give amazing results. However, beware, you won’t be able to get “Universe Powers” out of your head for days! Make sure to follow DJ Mixer Man to stay up to date with his music and tour dates.

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