17 sites that provide free music promotion for your new tracks [Updated 2020]

Free music promotion

If you are a music producer, you probably already realized how hard it is to get your music out there, be heard and find blogs & music networks that will offer free music promotion. Whether you produce Dubstep, Trap, Future Bass, Electro, Techno, Future House or Deep House, it doesn’t change a thing. Back in the days, most blogs and music networks were taking music submissions for free. “17 sites that provide free music promotion for your new tracks” found the ones that still do for you. Nowadays, most of us require a donation/fee when music producers ask for exposure.

For example, if you want a full blog article & review for your release on EKM.CO, get your song reposted on Soundcloud to more than 150 000 Soundcloud followers and have it shared and reposted on our social medias, we require a donation since we spend a good amount of time to write an in-depth article about your release and we do extra work to promote your music. You can find more information and submit your music here: ekm.co/music-submission/.

In this article I will provide a list of 17 blogs & music networks that offer free music promotion for you to submit your music to and also give 7 MUST READ articles about tips on how to submit a proper music submission. Another piece of good advice is to make sure you have a proper music branding ready, why? This will make your music project look more serious and professional. You can easily accomplish this with mockups and design templates.

This article is like your bible on how to get free music promotion, I’m not going to lie, it might take you an hour or two to read all the articles and visit all the websites, but this might very well be a game changer for your music career. Hope you enjoy and don’t be selfish, if you know other music producers that would benefit from this article, share it, don’t keep this gem for yourself.

17 sites that provide free music promotion for your new tracks.

Consequence of Sound

Fact Mag

The Music Ninja

EKM.CO (post your music in our Facebook group)

Daily Dose of Bass

Raver Rafting

Gorilla VS Bear

Dancing Astraonaut

Pigeons and Planes

EDM Assassin

Good Music All Day


Dance Music North West



Aquarium Drunkard

7 MUST-READ Articles with Tips on How to Submit music to Blogs.

5 Strategies to Get Your Music Featured on Blogs (from Sonicbids.com)

5 Tips For Identifying & Connecting With Music Bloggers For Music Coverage (From Hypebot.com)

Ten Tips To Get Your Music Submissions on Music Blogs (From Higherplainmusic.com)

How to REALLY Get Your Music on Blogs (From MusicThinkThank.com)

5 Ways to Get Your Music Noticed by Music Bloggers (From Bandzoogle.com)

The Complete DIY Guide To Getting Your Music Featured On Music Blogs (From Hypebot.com)

How to Submit Your Music To Blogs (From Pigeonsandplanes.com)

You can also send us your music via Submithub to have your song featured.

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