Best of FREE [TRAP] Featuring Milo & Otis, TroyBoi and More! [Week 13]

Bass music is still going strong, Trap music is not showing any sign of slowing down, kidz still love to thrown dem bows up! This week’s playlist features a few big names you surely already heard of, we are blessed to get free music from artists like Milo & Otis and MartyParty. I still believe that all music should be free, after all artists nowadays charge more than enough to perform that they could afford to give mp3s for free 🙂
This Trap / Bass / Twerk free download compilation features music by Bassjackers, Big Sean, Draginz, Drean, IAmGorillaBass, June Nawakii, MartyParty, Meaux Green, Milo & Otis, NickNack, Party Thieves, Rave Radio, RawRisk, Roscoe Whyte, Thomas Newson, TroyBoi and Ventrik.
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