EDM Festival Prep Kit (Getting ready for the Festival Season)

It’s that time of year again, the time to go out and see your favorite producers, dj’s and others. You think you know what you need for all of this, but do you really? yeah, some extra money, some condoms, and your keys can get you a long way, but you’ll soon realize that there is SO MUCH more you need for these events. You’ll be out for most of the day, it’s hot (at least if you’re in Miami like I am) it’s crowded, it’s smelly, it’s still awesome! Let us at EKM teach you the ways of the rave. Sit down and ready, you have much to learn young one.


1. Vapor Inhaler

You have no idea how amazing these little things are! You’ll be around the smell of weed and cigarettes  the whole day, it gets a little hard to breath after a while. To keep your sinuses up to par with your partying always have a vapor inhaler with you! Doesn’t have to be vicks, just be sure it works!
2. Baby Wipes
I’m not saying you’re a dirty bastard, i’m just saying these might help you out a little. Last year I crowed surfed during Nicky Romero’s set at Ultra, sadly some group of girls didn’t want to join in on the fun and dropped my ass. I fell on my elbow and got a pretty nasty cut, I was in the middle of the crowd and getting out of there is like trying to walk out of a maze. Luckily, some guy who I swear looked exactly like Seth Rogan helped me up, gave me some water, and a baby wipe to clean my cut up until I got to some aid. If it wasn’t for this amazing Seth Rogan looking man, i’m sure I would have gotten it infected in a jiffy. They work for cuts, they work for cleaning up your face during hours of raging. I suggest you get a small travel size one, sure you won’t regret it.
3. Drug Testing Kit
I’m not stereotyping the people of the EDM scene. I’m not judging you people for using drugs or not. But if you do plan on using drugs such as MDMA, Cocaine, etc please be safe. There is no better way to be safe than to test your vice. The amazing people at DanceSafe have made a drug testing kit that has quickly become the standard for EDM goers. You don’t want to end a night by going to the hospital, and we don’t want that for you either. Take your drugs responsibly, test your shit, have fun.
4. Portable Phone Charger
This may have been sent to us by some rage gods far far away. You social media butterflies are going to want to take pictures, you may want to tweet, facebook, instagram, etc what’s going on in these events. And you may need your phone at any moment. Charging your phone the night before won’t be enough, it’s good to take one of these bad boys with you to be sure that you’ll have enough battery to take those pictures and maybe even (but hopefully not) for an emergency.
5. Small First Aid Kit
We’re ravers, we may get hurt, somebody else might as well. If you’re in a situation where you or somebody else has a cut, this little kit comes through big time. Always have one around, and always help your raging neighbor if you see them injured or a little too dazed out. Remember the Unity in PLUR.
I know we may be missing a lot of things, but i’m sure we named some things you may have forgotten to put in that backpack of yours. I hope this small list of essentials helps. Rage hard, rage responsibly!
Great article by Humberto J. Mendez