[TECHNO] PumpkinG – Confuse Ray (Original Mix)


We all know techno is slowly but surely coming back! With artists like Gasselfelstein and Brodinski putting it back up on the map, there is no way it won’t be the next EDM trend (in my opinion). With that being said, more and more underground producers are having a try at this lost gem of a genre. I’ve been sent countless techno tracks but none have caught my eye (more like ear) more than this beautifully structured track by Miami producer, Pumpking. It starts with a fairly simple drum loop and it slowly starts progressing into the amazing track that it is. The growls in the second break down at first sort of catch you by surprise. But that’s the great part about it! This track makes sure you pay 100% full attention to it. It wants you to listen to every layer. That’s what makes this track so different. That’s what makes this track post worthy.