[EDM / TRAP] Wiwek & Cesqeaux – Ritual (RAWTEK BOOTLEG)

I’ve been following Rawtek for a while. I originally heard of them through a group of friends from Cali that have been good friends with the members for quite some time. Right from the start, the tracks they came up with were insane. You can tell they put a lot of work into their projects. This being said, after about the first two months of following them, I sort of lost my connection with them. More and more artists showed up to my inbox and after a while I forgot to check up on their page to see how they were doing. It happens… That being said, this morning I awoke to a pleasant surprise! I check my soundcloud to see their latest bootleg has been reposted by a good friend of mine. I remembered the name, and immediately clicked on it to be able to listen to the progress from a year ago to now. Once the track was finished I felt as if I just came off the best roller coaster ride ever. The only words to come out of my mouth were “holy fucking shit” and that is truly the only way to explain this remix! The big room tribal drop, the insane breakdown, and then to switch it up with a trap drop at the end?!?!?! HOW ARE THEY NOT FAMOUS AS FUCK RIGHT NOW? This is a must have for DJ’s all around if you want the crowd to remember your set. This remix is basically the definition of ‘insane’.