[REMIX CONTEST] TRiLL FERRELL – DMND CTTRZ (Original Mix) + New Miley Cyrus Remix

While all the focus is on our www.breaktheglass.net remix contest, TRiLL FERRELL is running a Trap/Bass music remix contest for their song DMND CUTTRZ that will be part of the Thirsty EP, soon to be released on Electrokill Media. You might already heard some songs from the EP if you had the chance to see them live or if you follow our youtube channel. The EP will be huge and we need a massive remix to make it even more epic. The winner will be chosen by a team of judges including Elephantz, Mr. Hyde & me. You have until September 30th to submit your remix! Good luck!

Unofficial video:

Check out the Remix Contest on Remixcomps.com for more details!

New Bonus track from TRiLL FERRELL