[Moombahton] Sav & Happy Colors – Good Times EP

I meet many people in my line of work. Though sometimes some stick out more than others. This is definitely the case with this particular artist. Some of you might know Sav as 1/2 (although I consider him 1/3rd because Mystereo is the wild card 3rd man and always will be) of Sazon Booya. It was to so much disappointment when I heard the news for the first time about the break up and how things went down. Truly unfortunate, especially when on the cusp of something so large. With all that has happened you might ask, well what next? I’ve run into Sav & Mystereo many times over in the past couple weeks, and every time they are the same jovial individuals I met months back in their former situation. Sav and Mystereo have both been talking up this EP and I have was anxious to hear it. With all the back and forth between the statements released online between both parties, I wanted to see if what was said in one of the statements was true. The question became, can Sav produce? I have had this EP as I told Sav on stage for about a week someone ripped it off soundcloud probably and I thought it was amazing. I didn’t though want to disrespect Sav by putting it up for early download w/ less than great quality rips. So here it is. Sav & Happy Colors – Good Times EP.

Myself and Electrokill.info would like to wish continued success to Sav & Mystereo. They bring nothing but great vibes and good times where ever they go.