[DUBSTEP] Sour D – Got It Like That EP

New Orleans native Sour.D is a veteran music producer, DJ, and all-around Bass music enthusiast. Sour.D’s involvement in Bass Music includes hosting local shows, DJing, producing, mastering, as well as being a hardcore listener.

Sour.D’s refined track selections rolls deep,leaning mostly on the darker side but somehow maintains a melodic pristine sound quality.
His memorable DJ performances, Audio Masters, and growing popularity of his originals have all driven him to continue thinking forward. Time in the studio is often spent making small adjustments to better streamline production techniques.

“Approaching each day in the studio as an opportunity to improve on one or more aspects of what I do is critical ”

Keep on the lookout for even more forthcoming Sour.D releases from Foul Play Records, and his co-founded label with other local favorites- Formless Dubstep.


A few artists that influenced Sour D: 16BIT, KLRGRM