Benji Lewis – Why (The Collxtion Remixes)

Out on: The Collxtion


Benji Lewis - Why (Fransis Derrelle Remix)

Benji Lewis, Fransis Derrelle, The Collxtion

Benji Lewis - Why (TYR Remix)

Benji Lewis, TYR, The Collxtion

Benji Lewis - Why (Melaniac. Remix)

Benji Lewis, Melaniac., The Collxtion

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Melaniac. Remix

An absolutely stunning remix from our Frenchman Melaniac. The progression in this track is truly one of a kind. Starting of with a very minor and broken feel, melaniac.’s remix of Benji Lewis’s Why builds into a tear jerking melody infused monster. Take a full listen through and enjoy the free download!

TYR Remix

Featuring his new style of production, this remix of Benji Lewis from TYR pulls out all the stops. Full of chest pounding drum fills and heart melting chords, this remix turns Benji Lewis’s Why into a roller coaster of production.

Francis Derrelle

FransisDerelle sent us this remix of Benji Lewis and our jaws hit the floor! Full of brilliant sampling and a complex structure. This remix has it all. From electronic to acoustic to cell phones ringing…. It’s absolutely one of a kind. Check it out and download it free of charge because we love you!!


Benji Lewis - Why (The Collxtion Remixes) - EKM.CO


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