H3 x DRPX x ZAXK – Asian Girls (VIP)

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Asian Girls (VIP)


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Dark, dirty and dangerously entertaining is what the audience will get out of H3’s energetic sets and production! Easily one of the most influential DJ’s in the scene today, H3’s music continuously evolves from one style to another. Like the Pied Piper, dance music fans follow his musical trail from his earlier days of electro and dubstep until today where he churns out trap and grime to keep everyone on the dance floor.
In the span of his evolving career, H3 has played alongside a number of international acts including the likes of Dillon Francis, Skream & Benga, Aeroplane and tons more on the list. With a ‘My way, or the high way’ attitude and his almost schizophrenic DJ style jumping between different genres within a single set, he gives his audience an experience like never before. “My sounds evolved a lot from when I first started. Still keeping with that heavy bass vibe, my sound is a lot more melodic and progressive as opposed to hard hitting drops and grimey riffs.”


ZAXK & H3 & DRPX - Asian Girls


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