Jef Miles

Canada // Vancouver


In 2012 Jef and Miles met over a transaction. The products being bought and sold included a keyboard, monitor speakers, and production software. The transaction was simple, but the results were far beyond purchase and sale.

Born was instant friendship, a mutual drive towards excellence, and the synonymous belief that truly creative music needs deep immersion into the theme of the song. Born was the “method-producing” collaboration that is Jef Miles.

Fast forward to August 2015 and Jef Miles would launch POLAR RADIO, and the first method-produced tracks DON’T STOP, and FOLLOW YOUR HEART (Sept 2015) in the theme of PERSEVERANCE.

Now under development are several collaborations with top vocalists, unique remixes, and a repertoire of original theme based tracks. Every snowflake is cool and unique…Jef Miles promises the same for every set and song.


Agency Twelve 30 Records


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