USA // Orlando, Florida



Over bridges and under stones, through depression and creation, Gnarski has embarked on a journey through hardships and days of light. Although he is a very proud person, a lot of his past he is not very proud of. But the beauty of Gnarski’s adventure is that his dark and alarming past is what opened his eyes. With strategy, luck, hope, and happiness, Gnarski found a way to conquer his past. He climbed out of a hole that changed everything he was, everything he used to be, and everything he stood for. He opened his eyes to view the beauties in the real world. With Gnarski’s awakening, he realized that his past was meant to bring him here. If none of the problems that he faced and endured never took place, Gnarski would have never put so much time and effort into music.



Agency Eric Robberts @ Electrokill Media

Phone +601136809109 (Whatsapp / Line)


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