Mezo – Human Contact [Future RnB / Dreampop]

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

Mezo - Human Contact

Mezo – Human Contact is a deeply emotional dream pop masterpiece. It is invigorating and endlessly-playable, the rare type of track you listen and question your life. The vocal is simply sublime, heartfelt and grandiose, the harmonies create a poignant and ethereal atmosphere, all this to create a top-shelf dreamy chill future RnB opus. You can’t really put the track in one category though,  Mezo successfully and effortlessly blurred the boundaries between Future RnB, Chillout, Electronica, Trip Hop and Dream Pop. He is a brilliant and extremely talented producer that will be, without a doubt, in high demand for collaborations in the future. Make sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.

Stream Mezo – Human Contact below and download it on Amazon.


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