Juel Anthony – Day Ones (feat. Whitney Hurston) [Hip Hop]

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Juel Anthony - Day Ones (feat. Whitney Hurston)

Today we have a little gem from the hip hop underground for you, Juel Anthony – Day Ones (feat. Whitney Hurston). We very rarely post Hip Hop, the closest thing we have is our Top Grime Spotify playlist or our Star Wars x Notorious BIG album, but today we have a talented lyricist and beatmaker that brings a dope old school hip hop vibe to the table. The name is Juel Anthony, the homie doesn’t try to make that autotune, stupid, mumble rap bullsh!t, he provides precisely what Hip Hop should be, smart tight lyrics, sick flow and a touch of RnB feel. The instrumental, just like the lyrics, is cleverly-written, fresh and kinda hypnotic. This track will grow on you very fast, on repeat here at the EKM headquarter all day. You can download the track for free below and, make sure to keep an eye on Juel.

Stream Juel Anthony – Day Ones (feat. Whitney Hurston) and download it for FREE HERE.


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