Rebecca & Fiona – Drugstore Lovin’ [Pop]

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Rebecca & Fiona - Drugstore Lovin' - EKM.CO

Rebecca & Fiona – Drugstore Lovin’ must be the most Pop/Mainstream song I’ve blogged in the past 7 years. While this genre of music is not really my cup of tea, “Drugstore Lovin'” does have all the elements to be a successful joint on the radio, some parts would need to be “blipped” for vulgar language but otherwise, this is a perfect specimen.

With their super catchy sound, stylistic video and inviting lyrics, the gorgeous Rebecca & Fionna could very well be the next Lady Gaga. The song breathes summer vibes and has that 90’s dance music feel to it. While radio play was my first thought, “Drugstore Lovin'” can also be a massive club joint, the rhythm is tight and very seductive.

The girls seem to be surrounded by a great team and it shows in their art. All they need at this point is a featuring with someone like Sean Paul or Pitbull and they would be on every radio station in the world.

Stream ” Rebecca & Fiona – Drugstore Lovin'” on Youtube below and download it here.

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