Skrillex's new album "Recess" might be revealed today via the App “Alien Ride”

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

If you didn’t hear about the app “Alien Ride“, it is a simple game available for ios and android devices. However, it seems that the game might be hiding something rather huge, 11 new Skrillex tracks! An album? Maybe, who knows! There is a countdown in the app leading to tonight at 6PM. I guess we will have to wait, one thing for sure, it won’t be a free download, the information in the app seems to lead to itunes, so in that perspective, an album would make a lot of sense! Some files in the app seems to say the album name would be “Recess”, nothing 100% sure though! Stay tuned!

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Here’s a few screenshots of the app’s hack attempts:

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