Jamaica is experiencing a wave of penis fractures … because of the daggering dance!

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Jamaica is experiencing a wave of penis fracture … because of dancing! Actually it has been going on since 2009, even before maybe, but it seems to be coming our way!

In Jamaica, a dance rage: the “daggering” of imitating various sexual positions to the beat of the music, but it is not without danger. Indeed, doctors have been an alarming increase in the number of fractures of the penis.

You might have already seen the video we posted on facebook and youtube about this dance called “Daggering”, if not check it out below

Jamaican hospitals face an unexpected plague: an abnormal increase in the number of admission for a fracture of the penis. This increase is quite exceptional in fact directly related to a fashionable dance on the island, “daggering”. That this dance erotic connotation would be an understatement. Indeed, this dance is to imitate the sexual act in the most acrobatic positions and that following a frenzied pace.

As reported by The Sun, the doctors sounded the alarm, the number of fractures penis has tripled this year. This was declared a doctor of the Kingston Public Hospital who explained how the fracture could provide: “For particularly violent sexual intercourse, the penis of the man is allowed to hit the woman’s pubic bone, this which can cause a fracture. this is characterized by a popping noise, a very sharp pain and swelling. “

This is not to be taken lightly, since the damage is often irreversible. Physicians therefore strive to promote awareness about the dangers of this dance.

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