Frank Ocean getting sued by Chipotle: ‘FVCK OFF’ Here’s $212,500

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

After Chipotle sued Frank Ocean for backing out of doing an advertisement for them, he responded with a big check 3 days later !

The Mexican-themed restaurant said in a lawsuit filed on Friday in L.A., that they paid the R&B singer $212,500 to record a cover of the song “Pure Imagination” for one of their advertisements. (They were planning to pay Ocean another $212,500 after he delivered the product.) However, he canceled the deal in August 2013, claiming Chipotle originally told him that he doing a marketing campaign to “promote responsible farming” and not for the Chipotle brand itself. In the lawsuit, Chipotle asked for the money back, plus additional damages—and Ocean delivered… like a boss.

As opposed to a long battle, Ocean, (real name Christopher E. Breaux), sent a $212,500 check he wrote returning the funds, plus a “fvck off” message in the note section.

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