[TRAP] Riff Raff – Rose Gold Stripper Pole (TheCasaBrothers Remix)

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

When I first heard the original, I immediately checked to see who the hell the producer was. The original blew my mind as it was. The somewhat funny vocal snippet that you won’t forget “Fuma Marijuana” (Smoke weed), the twerk influences on the beat, and the fact that it still had that hard trap style to it made me fall in love with it, but when TheCasaBrothers sent me their remix, I knew I found a new favorite version. Their remix plays with the vocal snippet, keeps that hard trap influences, but still changes it in a way that’ll make people go crazy at shows. And of course, as is routine for TheCasaBrothers (because they love us so) it’s out for free! Go cop this amazing remix ASAP! And remember, “Fuma, fuma, fuma, fuma, fuma marijuana” (if you’re into that, you know, we’re not saying you should or shouldn’t…)


Riff Raff – Rose Gold Stripper Pole (TheCasaBrothers Remix)

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