[BIG ROOM] Rest In Piece Sonic C (Anthony Rodriguez): Stickin' (TheCasaBrothers edit) and a tribute album?

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As many of you have now heard from other music sites and news sites, Dim Mak artist, Anthony Rodriguez (Sonic C) was confirmed dead last week from a car crash on Krome Ave in Miami. Anthony was on his way back from a bonfire with his good friend Gabriel Hernandez, when a Dodge Durango SUV driven by 19 year old Erick Betancourt veered into oncoming traffic and smashed into a Chevy Cavalier (carrying Anthony and his friend Gabriel). The reason I didn’t write about this as soon as it happened was because I had a hard time getting to write this article. I personally knew Anthony (Sonic C). We met last year at the birthday bash of Ruben Cardenas from TheCasaBrothers. From then on I knew he was a true gem. He was modest, he was happy, he was true to himself. It’s sad to say that I lost a great friend, and an idol.

Anthony came back from Colorado two weeks before the accident after being there for almost six months. During those six months he barely contacted me, TheCasaBrothers, his other friends, and even his manager Ben Puig of Techibeats. He told us that he went to Colorado to find himself and to clear his mind. When he came back, Ruben told me he was as eager to work as ever. His mind was clear and he was ready to work on his new project as “Tony Colorado”. The night before the accident, he was in the studio with Ruben Cardenas and Lewis Martinee of TheCasaBrothers working on a new track with them. Little did we all know it would be his last project ever. It’s been rough on all of us, but Anthony won’t go out without a bang.

TheCasaBrothers were put in charge of finishing his projects with some of Anthony’s closest friends. A tribute album will soon come out on Dim Mak for Anthony featuring some of his unreleased work, and his last project as well. You’re gone, but you aren’t forgotten man. We miss you, I miss you, rest in piece Anthony Sonic C Rodriguez.

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