Felix House & Max Kartel, Coming Up?

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Being an EDM writer in Miami is not really too hard of a job. Because I have many friends in the scene, it isn’t too hard to meet other producers, bloggers, DJ’s, or EDM fans. Most of the time the producers I meet are either unoriginal in a way or already huge haha! But there are times when I will come across those hidden gems. Those artists that are not too known but have more talent then some of the DJ’s we see on the cliche “DJmag Top 100”. The most recent ‘hidden gems’ I have met are called Felix House & Max Kartel. It only took me one of their tracks to be hooked! This producer duo from Miami destroy in every Sub-Genre they try! Trap, Dubstep, Electro House, you name it, they can do it! Check out some of their latest work and be on the lookout for more of Felix House & Max Kartel!

This track gives me chills! The great vocals and melodic synths give it a real adventure club type of feel. And the drop OH LORDY THE DROP! You just have to have a listen!

Complextro never gets old! Loving the vocal sample they used and the main melody is so darn catchy! This track should be on everybody’s tracklists!

Felix House & Max Kartel team up with Steve Nova to make some trill ass real trap shit! The cleaver use of the “lean wit it, rock wit it” vocal sample made this track unforgettable for me. Definitely a banger!

Modulation, an INSANE build up and an even crazier drop make this one of my favorite remixes they’ve ever done! It really does deserve more plays! And to think they haven’t won this yet pshh!

Keep up with this amazing duo by following their soundcloud and their twitter! And expect some more amazing tunes from them being showcased by us! @FelixKasa @MaxxxKartel


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