[TRAP] Jak Fuego's Trap Time Mixtape (Exclusive EKM)

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Jak Fuego‘s Trap Time is some real gangsta sh!t, nothing less! We are proud to have this hood mixtape as an offical Electrokill Media free release! This reminds me of the good old mixtapes (talking about the “real” tapes here), that DJs used to give away in the streets back in the days, it has that “hood” feel. Good words that could describe this mixtape; Trill, Dope, Gangster, Hustling Music, Crunk, Twerk, Heavy Bass, FUEGO! With samples and vocals from Rick Ross, 2 Chainz and many more, it will take no time before you hear some of these bangers in Trap DJ sets. Grab the full thing now and let us know which track is your favorite!

1. Wyld in My Drop
2. Swaghili
3. Husslin
4. Hugs and Drugs (with CZuR)
5. Tease Me
6. Goya
7. Snayke
8. PoPo
9. Back to the Trap
10. Berzerky
11. Where’s Tyler
12. Goodnight and Goodluck (with CZuR)

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