The Heavy – What Makes A Good Man? (Draginz Remix) [Electrokill Media Exclusive]

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

Today we are offering you something really different from what you usually download from us. Since we don’t believe in music boundaries, we were pleased to have Draginz latest work as an EKM exclusive. You might remember Draginz from his previous release, his Dubstep remix of Rick Ross – 100 Black Coffins. You most probably heard the original version of his new remix, “What makes a good man?” from British rock band “The Heavy” before, on the radio or on the interwebz, I would qualify it as a typical Top 40 Rock song. I’m not sure in which genre of music this remix would fit, the closest I could find is “93 BPM Glitch Rock”, if you find something that would be more accurate, please submit your suggestion in the comments. Draginz added just what this song needed, a bit more groove & bass! Get the free download exclusively from EKM right now! You can even share it with your parents, this song might just be our most parent friendly download since …forever!

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