[TRAP/BASS] Damn Kids – Ussu EP (Free Download)

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After an incredible start to 2013, including remixes for Mark Knight & Pleasurekraft, continuing his mix series ‘My Last Mix Ever’, and seeing an almost permanent placement in the Beatport charts, Damn Kids announces his first free EP entitled ‘Ussu’. To accompany the lead titled track ‘Ussu’, the EP also features a diverse soundscape with ‘Gxlden Bxy’, ‘Oxxu’, and ‘Undxr’.

Damn Kids is by far the artist that impressed me the most so far in 2013, expect huge things from him in the future!


Taking charge as lead single, ‘Ussu’ wants no prisoners. Rolling hats and synths layer the track with a death defying wobble lead overtopping a low-end bassline tailored to break jaws on the dancefloor, all the while a chanting ‘we are Ussu’ chants in before the 2nd break leads into a moombahton switch up for added variation.

Gxldxn Bxy

Forming what might be referred to as a hybrid of Trap and Tech House, ‘Gxlden Bxy’ is suited for those with a palette for sub-bass. Crisp claps and snares accompany thudding drum programming throughout, as booming 808s vibrate along in tune to scattered and overlapping vocal chops in standard Damn Kids procedure.


Influenced with reggae vocals straight from the island, Oxxu could be considered a weapon suitable for a Notting Hill Carnival sound clash. Deep vocals flow while the drop sees an overdriven saw tooth tweak through with intricately arranged snare rolls for added flavour. All remains consistent until a D&B excursion takes effect before another sudden switchback into Trap chaos.


Forged in darkness, Undxr rides with a bassline that you’d expect to be used during Voodoo ceremonies. Chop & screwed vocals set the emotion of the record before being chopped in every direction imaginable, all the while seeing clanked claps and hi hats bring a layer of sharpness to balance out the rumbles.

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