Bad At Names – Fifteen Minutes Of Fame

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So if you keep up with our blog on a regular basis you’d know that Critical Bass recently broke up as a duo and I went on to another project with another friend of mine named called Bad At Names (Matt Welborn and I). We’ve recently been trying to really find out what we want to go for as a duo. After weeks of discussion we’ve finally decided! If you are a big fan of the MajesticCasual channel on youtube or a fan of artists like Flying Lotus, Tokimonsta, Ryan Hemsworth, and xxyyxx than you will most likely like the type of music we are going to release.haha! Chillwave, chillwave trap, garage house, deep house and whatever else we feel like making at the time. We’ll let our creative minds take us down the path they would like to go through.To give you more of an idea of what we are going for as a duo we made a fifteen minute mix for you all called “Fifteen Minutes Of Fame”. I hope you all enjoy this short happy majesticlike mix and I am looking forward to releasing some ear candy for you all as Bad At Names 😀
-Humberto J Mendez

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