[TRAP] Wakanda (Oh Snap vs Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike Remix) + Eric Robberts complaining about the EDM Scene & the music industry

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

Ok I need to complain about something, if you follow the EDM scene as I do, even if not as much, you will understand what I’m talking about. I will use the song/release “Wakanda” from Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike for the example. The track was released on 2013-02-04. A lot of remixes and bootlegs came out since then and it was also the most played song at Miami Music Week.

We at Electrokill published a wicked Trap bootleg made by Clever Noise [First soundcloud player posted below the text] on March 1st 2013. Already on March 7th, Slander & 7deadlysynths dropped another bootleg [Second soundcloud player posted below the text] that I’m sure you will agree, is pretty similar.

Now, 3 months later, Mr. Vegas and Mr. Mike realized the trap remixes were dope and popular so they decided to do an almost identical remix (compare the drops and you’ll see it’s the same, of course they did some minor changes but overall…) and release it on beatport. Doesn’t that suck? Shouldn’t they give a chance to younger producers and officially release their remixes/bootlegs? Of course I know they own the rights, it’s their song but I just find it wrong that they wait to see what the “kidz” will do with their song, see what works and then copy it and officially release it with Oh Snap!.

And networks on youtube are going nuts today “WOW that Wakanda remix is the s**t, so awesome, wicked, yeah!!!” when the exact same thing was released 3 months ago and they didn’t use any of those adjectives because it wasn’t “known” producers. That’s all I had to complain about today, I hope you will get the point and if you have an opinion on the subject, I would be happy to hear it. *The Clever Noise bootleg is better anyways!”

Bootleg posted 3 months ago (March 1st 2013)

Click HERE for free download

Bootleg released 6 days after the Clever Noise one (March 7th 2013)

Official Remix posted 3 days ago (June 8th 2013)

Exclusive Bonus (Unreleased bootleg from Trio)

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