[St-Jean Baptiste 2013] Nuit Bleue with DVBBS, Kayliox & More! (Quebec City, June 23rd)

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For the first time in Quebec’s history, the NuitBleue summer festival will take place at the
Mechoui International in St-Etienne-de-Lauzon with spectacular fireworks, personalised
atmosphere and professional programming. The 2013 edition is an incredible opportunity to
bring together thousands of Quebecers to celebrate Quebec’s National Holiday.

You will have the chance to see EKM’s own Kayliox on the urban stage, this will be a memorable performance! So many unreleased banging material, your head might actually explode! I will also be there throwing EKM tshirts and caps in the crowd during their set and most probably body surfing as well! The boys and I will probably be there the whole day, say hi if you see me, I’m the guy with EKM tshirt in the right sidebar —————————————————————————————————–>

This festival will host on his stage this year:

1. Hopefull Sixteen (Rock Alternative)
2. My Hidden Side (Rock Alternative)
3. These Silent Waves (Rock Alternative)
4. Jeffrey Piton (Accoustic Rock)
5. FootLoop
6. Kayliox (EDM)
7. SAYE (Hip-Hop)
8. Midaz&Elie (Electro Pop)
9. Darryl Massih (DJ)
10. Mike Sikini (DJ)
11. DAVID A & TB1 (EDM)

• 12h of concert
• 40X50 feet stage
• More than 20 000 people
• More than 5000 light sticks and more LED promo items

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