[THE FESTIVAL #26] Savant, Prodigy, MVTH, Pumpkin Armada, Silver Medallion, Matt Nash, Matthew LeFace, Dave Silcox

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

So officialy this is episode #26 of our special feature “The Festival”, if you are new to this, “The Festival” is a compilation of various styles of House music but mainly Electro and Progressive House, in fact pretty much what they play on the main stages at big festivals like Tomorrowland, Ultra and the others.

Today I have 4 massive choonz for you, the first 2 are banging electro house, a bit influenced by dubstep music, and the last 2 are more on the progressive house side!

If you enjoy this type of music I would like to invite you to check out our previous episodes of “The Festival”, I’m sure you’ll find many tracks you will love!

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