[DUBSTEP] Citizen Cope – Lifeline (Figure Remix)

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

DOWNLOAD AND DONATE AT: http://imfigure.net/audio/lifelineremix/ ;

This remix just seems fitting for what’s going on today, so releasing it into the wild with hopes it raises awareness for our friends along the Eastern seaboard who need a little lifeline right now.

Grab the download for free at http://imfigure.net/audio/lifelineremix/ and donate the money you would have spent to help Sandy Relief efforts. We found a few good organizations you can pick from, or do the research and find one you like better.

And if you don’t have money, that’s OK. Maybe help by sharing the link to the post on the site or the link to a relief organization that is doing good for our friends in need.

Citizen Cope


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