[MOOMBAH] Bro Safari & ETC!ETC! – The Clap (Will Bailey Remix)

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

Earlier this year, Bro Safari released an EP with T&A Records titled “Bro’s Gone Wild.” It was a defining moment for him in regards to creating a niche for himself in the EDM scene. It was also a great release for T&A in regards to high sales, charting and exposure to a different market. So they thought it would be cool to team up and give you guys a free download to show their appreciation for all of the support you guys gave them on that release.

They had the idea to remix one of the EP’s most popular tracks, “The Clap.” Bro Safari wrote the original song with ETC!ETC! and they were blown away by the initial response. It only seemed fitting to get a remix from someone that they both respected as a producer and an engineer, but someone they respect as an individual as well. So, without further ado – Here is a free download of Will Bailey’s remix of “The Clap” – Enjoy!

Please feel free leave us a comment and a “favorite” in exchange for this lovely piece of Moombahcore.

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