Gridlock's Bass Booster Pack #24 – Popeska, Dirt Monkey, Point. Blank, Joachim Garraud, Designer Drugs, Rockbiter, Anna Yvette, Alesia

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

That’s a lot of names for only four tracks! They all bump. I’ve got Popeska whose the newest rage, and signees to Wolfgang Gartner’s label. A hard electro thrasher by Rockbiter. Then two dubstep numbers, one remixed by Point.Blank, the other by Designer Drugs.
Download Popeska Karmameter (Original Mix)
Download Blood Eagle Rockbiter (Original Mix(
Download Dirt Monkey, Anna Yvette Hurt So Good (Point.blank Remix)
Download Joachim Garraud, Alesia Atrium (Designer Drugs Remix)

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