[ELECTRO] Cody Quinn – Cups in My Drink (Original Mix)

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Hi there! My name is Cody Quinn and I’m a electronic music producer from a small town in Florida. As a younger kid, I spent a lot of time beating pens on desk to make beats, as well as beat boxing whenever no one was around. My passion for music grew stronger over the years and began experimenting with Fruity Loops. After making a few disappointing beats, I gave up. Although years later at the age of 23, I met a friend at my job who had a program called Reason 5 by Propellerheads and said it quite the software. Told him I would consider buying it for myself, but had to think about it. After attending Electric Daisy Carnival in Orlando in 2011, I decided that music is where my passion really fell into. I loved all the artists, and had the utmost respect for what they did. I wanted to do what they did!

After purchasing the program Reason 5, and buying some cheap monitor speakers, and an Akai Mpk Mini MIDI controller, I went to work! I learned how to design sounds, and learned what each little knob and switch did on the rack panel. I then learned how to use the sequencer, and how to put together a song. Some of my biggest influences include: Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Knife Party, Kaskade, and MANY more. Needless to say, my first “tracks” were horrible, but that didn’t stop me. I continued with my passion and kept at it everyday as much as I could. Then one day I made my first club banger, “Eat You Alive”. It was a progressive/dubstep production, and was lucky enough to have my good friend DJ HOJO fit it in her set. The crowd loved it, and I felt like a kid hitting a home run for his first time! Just to see the crowd dance to something that I had made from scratch and worked so hard on, gave me chills. I continued to make more projects, leading to my newest and first electro house production, “Cups in My Drink” which has been played in over 28 countries via Soundcloud.com! I absolutely love what I do, and wont stop for anything. I appreciate all the support I can get being from a small town. I never give up hope and pursuing my dreams, because ANYTHING is possible.

Cups in My Drink started out as an attempt to create my first electro house production. Knife Party and Porter Robinson were HUGE influences for this track. I love the sounds that they create and how they put them together in their tracks. I spent time sound designing, and learned more about cord progression. I wanted to give a BIG ROOM feel to the song to really get people moving on and off the dance floor. Something that someone could jam to at a club, or in their car. After 3 days I had together the rough draft of what I wanted it to sound like. I then spent another day or two mastering and fine tuning the drop and second drops. After 5 days, I had my final track.


A few artists that influenced Cody Quinn : Knife Party, Porter Robinson, Skrillex, Kaskade, Dillion Francis, Flux Pavillion, Zedd

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