[TRANCE] Beat Service, W&W, Porter Robinson, Orjan Nilsen, Sulfur On Pluto (New Hero Remixes)

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

I know we don’t have hundreds of thousands of Trance fans compared to Dubstep and Electro but this trance has so many influences from other genres you might actually be surprised and really dig it! Personnaly, I’m totally hooked on New Hero’s Unison and Outsider remixes!

New Hero is a king when it comes to blending electro and techno elements into trance music! Trust me this is high quality music!

His album “The Chronicles of New Hero” will be available in approx. one month, a full lp of originals from Progressive/House to full-on Tech Trance, this will hit the afterhours and big trance festivals HARD!

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