[ELECTRO/HOUSE] Basilicata – C. (Original Mix)

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Carmine Basilicata (Born in 1997) , better known as Basilicata , is a fifteen years old producer/remixer – he starts do music at 14 – from Naples , Italy. He use FL Studio for his productions. He makes Complextro music , but sometimes he also do simple Electro House or just House. In 2011 , he has collaborated with DJ Samuel for a song called “Hello” and with Dirty Monkey for a song called “Electric Scream” , which also has remixes.

In 2012, he has done other tracks and was contacted by NuElements Digital Records to publish two songs (“I need you V2” and “Kill the sound”) on a compilation called “Complexx Vibes”. Then, he was contacted by HN Records to become one of their artist, and there he released for free download “Here We Are” and the EP “iFuck” (with remixes of Reigar, DJ Sasà, Denny Ray and ZynoX) and for pay download the song “The First Time” (feat . DJ Sasà) and the EP “We got the flow” (Two tracks : “We got the flow” and “Electro Soul”). He also won a remix contest by Tropical Madness Records with the remix of “Exeption” by Dispelz. After that, Vegas Records contacted him and asked for a track to release, so he did “Number One DJ” who will be released on all stores on the 1st October.

A few artists that influenced Basilicata :: FTampa, E-Cologyk, Dimitry G.

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