[DUBSTEP] Pelussje – Blue Demon (Pragmatic Remix)

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

23 years old. I’m from Belgium, exactly I’m traveling between Louvain-La-Neuve (near Brussels) and Tournai (South). I’ve just finished university with a licence in sociology. I was using Protools but my last tracks are made with ableton. I prefer small places that offer a proximity with people but I also made some big events.

This is my last remix, made for the official remix contest of Pelussje. The third song I’ve made with ableton. I’ve been inspired by the Boys Noize chopped vocal style for this one. I’ve listened a lot of retro tech song and watched pictures from my first I love Techno festival to bring ideas in my mind. There’s also a VIP version of this remix with a D&B end…


A few artists that influenced Pragmatic :: Figure, Crizzly, Eptic, Feed Me, Trashing Teenagers, Gtronic

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