Gridlock's Bass Booster Pack #17 – Getter, Crush, SKiSM, DC, Crystal Castles

Posted By: Eric Robberts On:

What is wrong with me? I made this entire post and then drafted it! Well hear you go, sorry for the delay. I’ve been scattered with summer shows, schoolwork, and actual work. Forgive me. So I’ve got some good ones picked out for you guys today. First I have that gut feeling that Crystal Castles will have some new music out in the near future so I thought I’d give you one of their best songs from the best to remind you why you like them. Then I’ve got an awesome trap song. Lastly I’ve got two dubsteppy things that really go hard, one from Getter’s new ep. Let’s SKO!
Download Crystal Castles Empathy
Download Team Bayside High OVERDRAWN
Download SKisM & DC Breaks Killer ft Dee Freer (CRUSH Remix)
Download Getter Wizard Flex

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