[Dubstep + DnB OVERDOZE #31] Dieselboy, Tiesto, Paul B, Subwave, Loww Fi, Mac Miller, Optix, Die Antwoord, Nero, Wiz Khalifa, Cosmic Dreams, DOSVEC, Zeds Dead, Blue Foundation, Coldplay, Ariok

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Tomorrowland is over, the dream is over! Now back to business! I’m happy to start this post with a huge track from Dieselboy’s 2004 release, The Dungeonmasters Guide. This is some epic old school drum and bass, s**t goes hard! Then we have the usual epic bass music from Optix, Nero, Cosmic Dreams (who did a killer remix of Chris Hurst’s Kool-Aid), DOSVEC, Mac Miller, Die Antwoord and Loww-Fi! If you didn’t enter the contest to win a copy of the Mashup software by the makers of Mixed In Key, you still have 2 days left, check out the details on our facebook page!

Tiësto – Flight 643 (Paul B + Subwave Remix) (DnB)
Tiësto – Flight 643 (Paul B + Subwave Remix) by Dieselboy

Die Antwoord – Fok Julie Naaiers (Nero bootleg) (ALT)
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DOSVEC “Clocks On Fire” (Vocal = ColdPlay “Clocks” / Background = Blue Foundation “Eyes On Fire” (Zeds Dead Mix))
DOSVEC “Clocks On Fire” by DjWhatt

Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard (Cosmic Dreams Remix)
Wiz Khalifa – Work Hard (Cosmic Dreams Remix) by CosmicDreams

ARIOK – HK-47 (Loww-Fi Remix)
HK-47 (Loww-Fi Remix) FREE!!!! by DIRTY RECORDZ

Mac Miller – Loud (Optix Remix)
Mac Miller – Loud (Optix Remix) by Optix_

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